I’m counting on everyone around me for their support in my effort to “build a better world through service.”   Some will be able to support me financially, some with just the right words in a message at just the right time that everyone needs in their lives. This is the page where you’ll come to find my needs.  The list will be ever changing. Please remember them in your time of meditation.  Below that will be a brief description of my current projects financial need and how you can contribute to it.

Please be thinking of the following thing for me:
1.  My Health. While this is a challenge for me I’ve been very well the last several months.
2. As I look to the next trip please be keep your thoughts on where and when I should go.

And now for the money…  The last trip was a great one.  As you can see from the images that came back I was able to produce many images and reach out to many in India.  Now that I am back I’m looking forward to my next trip to where ever He takes me.  The trip India was funded by to about one third through many generous gifts to this mission.  I’m counting on your support to help fund this work.  Here are four ways you can help:

1. Give directly through the IDEAS donation website. Please put my name (Erick Johnson) in the box labeled “IDEAS Associate” so they know where to apply your gift.  Your donation to IDEAS is tax deductible!

2. You can donate through PayPal using the button below.  Giving directly to me through Paypal is not tax deductible.

3. You can send Bitcoin to the QR code below.  Giving directly to me through Bitcoin is not tax deductible.

4. You can contribute to the Go Fund Me campaign for the India extra expenses. here is the web address to that campaign:

Giving directly to me through GoFundMe is not tax deductible.

Thank you for your support as I begin this process and a new chapter of service in my life!

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