After retiring from professional careers in technology and music production, Erick Johnson turned to one of his long lost loves, photography, as a hobby. He first learned skills as the photo editor of his high school newspaper, and practiced as a wedding photographer for several years after graduating. He put down the film camera for more than 20 years while working in technology. After being diagnosed with a debilitating brain tumor, he rediscovered photography as an exhilarating creative outlet. He left the old days of film behind and moved into the 21st century, now shooting fully digital. Erick takes every opportunity to go out into nature and capture the essence, mood and lighting of the location. By sharing with you this “hobby gone wild” his hope is that you will pause a few moments to allow your own imagination to expand – running wild – through the images produced by Erick Johnson.

Discovering that ones physical life can end at any time can change someones perspective on the future.  In Erick’s case it certainly has.  Over the last year, as he has become ever more skilled with the tools of photography he has begun looking at giving back to the world through service projects in his local community and around the world.  Erick plans to travel with different non-profit organizations using his skills as a photographer to bring awareness of these organizations and their needs to those back home in the United States.

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