Today I Met A Girl

Today I met a girl. You might not think that was surprising, but this one might just change my life.  And if you let her she could change yours as well. The truth is I actually don’t even know her name and I wasn’t able to ask her because we don’t speak the same language.

Here she is.

She can’t walk. She has never been able too. She has been for surgery and it has not solved the problem.  So here she sits on the earthen floor of her families hut day after day.

Here is where she and her family lives.

It’s on this quaint little dirt alleyway in a slum in India.

She need a hand propelled tricycle so she can take care of her own basic needs, like go out to the bathroom (it really not a bathroom, more like a ditch) or even possible find some work and earn some money. One costs about 30,000 Rupee or $450 to $500 USD.

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